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Do it right
Be a Light
Help all others
Ignite their light
And share delight
do it right
be a light

What do you want to be in your life? This is a common question that every high school student faces. Do you want to major in sciences or do you want to major in History? You may want to become a teacher, a nurse, a doctor or go into one of the many other professions. You may want to become Joe the Plumber or Joe the Farmer.
What then am I talking about when I say, “Be a light?” We all can or have one profession or the other. What you do for work is one thing. You do many other things apart from what you do for work. You may jog, play tennis, cook, raise children or go back to school. These all are journeys in one direction.
We all have two directions we travel in our life; an outer journey and an inner journey. Success in the outer journey is not necessarily reflected in success of the inner journey. In fact sometimes the whole life is over before we even realize about the existence of the inner journey. We can spend all our life in darkness or in a dimmed light as far as inner space is concerned.
This inner journey into different levels of individual and collective consciousness and Awareness is where there is need for a light. The journey is beautiful but most of us do not see the need or value to even start this journey. We all are too busy in the outer journey which has so many facets of its own. Yet, I know that the inner journey is exciting. It is an adventure. There is the fear of the unknown. Some spiritualists believe that knowing oneself is the ultimate goal and longing we all harbor inside us. We all have a yearning for that spiritual search, “The Search.”
Buddha was dying. He was about to take the ultimate journey. Anand, his closest disciple was crying. He asked Buddha, “What will happen to me? Who will guide me now? Who will show the light?” Buddha opened his eyes and uttered his last famous words, “Appo deepo Bhava. (Be a light to yourself.)” There is no one else on this inner journey. We are all alone. We need our own light to show the way.
So, I say, become that light. Deepo Bhava (Be a light). How you get the light is not important. You may have a Guru to shows you the light or you have your own lamp; it does not matter. You will have amazing experiences on this journey and you will also have an urge to share those experiences. It all comes as a package deal. I encourage you to share these with the entire world
I will be sharing meditation articles and techniques on this site over the next few weeks. The process is simple; Understand, Execute and Practice. Meditative experiences happen and are unique. Experience and sharing is encouraged. We can create a worldwide circle of meditators and make a healthy change in ourselves and our surroundings. We can create a new world. All these big goals and dreams won’t happen because we think so. They may happen if we start on this path. Let us all strive to do so.

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  1. Thank you so much for this blog! Information that I found here was very usefull for me=)

  2. cipro online says:

    Thank you so much for this great webite! It is very informative.

  3. Dr. Krishna Bhatta says:

    thanks prover and cipro….I will continue to share …

  4. sakthi says:

    Thank you very much brother for u r Information that I found here was very usefull for me

    I am waiting for our valuable meditation techniques

  5. ravi says:

    its soo good ..thanks for giving some information

  6. Thanks for the wonderful information, it is very important to choose a right aim in life. The right path is always great way to success. Thanks for sharing it…

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