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Prepare to Meditate:Physical Readiness I

Meditation for success: Getting physical readiness. So you are ready mentally.  Mind is not going to be in your way and is usually encouraging you to go for it.  It is not just a curiosity.  It … Continue reading

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Zen Meditation @ 11500 ft

We went for a meditation course in Leh, India.  Details will posted soon.  In the meantime, here is link of a video account: Meditation at 11500 ft Happy meditating

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Prepare to Meditate

There are three area of preparation: Mental Physical Surrounding/environmental Mental readiness is important in 4 different ways Before Meditation: Meditation in some way implies death of mind as we know it.  Mind knows that it will lose its control on … Continue reading

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Journey From Life to Life

Samskara Samskara, a Sanskrit word describes several concepts. These concepts are all related but convey different essence when used in different context. This is not very dissimilar to some common words in English. Water a plant carries a different meaning … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Meditation

Thoughts and Meditation I Choices We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Speak or act with an impure mind And trouble will follow you As the wheel … Continue reading

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Thought Management

Foreword by Dr. Krishna Bhatta Buddha said, “You are what you think.” This has been quoted ever since he said these words all around the world. However, this is an incomplete statement. There is a second part of this statement … Continue reading

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Meditation and Sum-bhava

We are coming to the end of Chapter 3 in our discussion on Gita.  So far I have been interpreting Gita on an intellectual plane.  We have been trying to understand different concepts, techniques and aspects of Gita in a … Continue reading

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Meditation: A process for nothing and a journey to no-where

I met a TV producer Mary Jo who told me that Seinfeld, a popular show in the USA television, is a show about nothing.  I searched this information on www.Google.com and found the following amongst many others: “The behaviors of … Continue reading

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Why Meditate

It was a weekend and we learned that there is an entertainment program to be held in Boston in which Aishwarya Ray was coming to perform.  We wanted to go.  My wife wanted the front seat and we paid $100 … Continue reading

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Meditation Package

Meditation is a positive phenomenon and provides energy to our being.  Stress relief or reduction of blood pressure may happen as byproducts.  The question then is as to which kind of meditation is a meditation.  What are the techniques of … Continue reading

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